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Vila Baleira Resort, in Porto Santo, has just received two certificates of excellence awarded by the TripAdvisor digital travel and tourism platform, thus recognising by users the quality of its offer.

One of the certificates awards the consistency in the number of positive ratings achieved in the last 12 months, while the other refers to the ratings obtained in the last five years.

“This achievement fills us with pride and is a recognition of the work being done by a vast team,” said Bruno Martins, Managing Director of Vila Baleira, adding that “recent investments have considerably improved the conditions of our offer. ”

Catering quality, friendly staff, leisure amenities and generous room size are some of the vectors pointed out by TripAdvisor users as strengths of this hotel.

In a statement, this hotel unit also announces that, “soon, Vila Baleira Resort will be the target of an ambitious remodelling project, following the trend of always offering the best conditions of stay and diversification on offer”.

“One of the improvements will be the strengthening of health and wellness tourism, enhancing the conditions of the thalassotherapy center, one of the added value of this hotel,” he concludes.