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CMRB (Câmara Municipal Ribeira Brava) is hereby reporting on the beginning of the works of the Engenheiro Ribeiro Pereira Avenue Requalification contract.

In an investment of about 2.899 million euros plus VAT, it has an expected execution time of 300 days.

The Ribeira Brava-Tabua marginal is a work that has been craved for over 10 years and an important route, especially for the movement of traffic to the Ribeira Brava seafront, with potential benefits for the town’s trade.

With a length of about 1,500 meters, it will include a main road towards Vila da Ribeira Brava, as well as a bike path and pedestrian zone.

It is also these two playful components that bring a unique look to this infrastructure protected by three security galleries in the three areas identified as most risk and that support landslides of more than 2 tons, which are directed directly to the sea coast.

This project also includes the installation of seismographs that will work synchronously with emergency traffic lights that are triggered whenever sufficient movement thresholds are detected to jeopardize safety.

The marginal Ribeira Brava-Tabua promises to be a space oriented for physical activity and leisure, with potential to attract visitors from various parts of the island, especially the west, given its playful, sporting and recreational potential.

Will be great to see this done before next summer.