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Albuquerque highlights work that gives more security to the population

The President of the Regional Government stressed today that the population of Funchal is safer, after the completion of the “false tunnels” in Ribeira de João Gomes.

Miguel Albuquerque praised, this early afternoon of Wednesday, the importance of the construction of the “false tunnels” of João Gomes Ribeira for the safety of people and goods that circulate between the João Gomes stream and the access to the highway. .

In a brief improvisation, the President of the Regional Government – who today visited the work, now concluded – also stressed that it is another work in the Region and Funchal road infrastructure network.

The official, who came to the site at the invitation of the consortium that carried out the contract and celebrated the end of the work with a lunch for his workers, also praised the workers’ commitment in a very difficult work that had to be completed. , as it was, at the beginning of the school year.

Miguel Albuquerque also praised the work of the contractors and architect Paulo David, underlining the architectural beauty of the work, which he considered “very important for the city of Funchal”.

The work now completed allows the reopening of the Regional Road 118, which connects Rua da Ribeira de João Gomes to the Via Rapid (VR1) in Funchal, which had been closed since the beginning of the works, which took place in November 2018. .

The contract was co-financed by PO-SEUR (85%) and cost 16,321,608.96 euros (including VAT)

Translated from Governo Regional da Madeira