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This is a really nice festival to visit if you are on the island. It takes place the last Sunday in September in Campanario.

Last weekend of September the Campanile parish community celebrates the party in honour of Our Lady of Good Order. Before that, the tradition dictates that on Friday, early in the morning, the people begin to gather to go to the hills of the neighbouring parish of Quinta Grande, to collect thousands of the Lillie’s (Azucenas).

The flowers are placed in baskets, other containers or in bundles, and then transported in a lively procession, which highlights the rosy white tone and the peculiar smell of the lilies, travelling about ten kilometres of the regional road, until they reach the small chapel dated from. 1672.

It is also with these flowers, harvested by hundreds of people, that the interior and exterior of the chapel are decorated, namely the porticoes created for the purpose, as well as the masts placed in the area.

Devotion to the Lady of the Good Order dates back to the 17th century. Maintaining this procession, which attracts people of all ages, including children from local schools, is perhaps one of the reasons why this tradition has continued over the years.

The procession of lilies is always something very spontaneous and includes a lot of entertainment, not to mention the singing and a stop on the way to snack and “wet” the throat with typical drinks of the island.

Concerning the religious celebrations, on Saturday the vigil mass will be celebrated at 8 pm and on Sunday, the celebration mass will start from 3 pm, followed by the procession.