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The Funchal City Council has again prepared a program of activities in the context of World Tourism Day, which will take place next Friday, 27 September, similar to what has been happening in recent years since a Municipal Tourism Strategy was developed.

In this case, there will be three days of planned activities, starting next Wednesday, 25 September, with an initiative of Turismo de Portugal, called Roadshow Workshop, which will present to Funchal two national acceleration programs in the sector. Tourism, whose main objective is to support startups and support the development of business in the sector, with innovation and creativity. This will take place between 16h and 18h, at the Rectory of the University of Madeira.

On 26 September, Thursday, the Municipal Division of Tourism and Culture prepared, in turn, a ‘Spin for Sugar History’, open to all the population and tourists, which will start at 11 am precisely at the Museum The Sugar City, which will pass through various points of the city.

Finally, on World Tourism Day, Friday, September 27th, there is an all-day program, and from 9 am onwards, the municipality will welcome a Madeira of Honor to all those who come to travel to the Farmers Market, with a special focus on the many tourists visiting this emblematic municipal area.

The main activities prepared for this day will take place, in turn, in the City Hall, and at 11 am, the Funchal City Council will present the last of a collection of 4 thematic routes that the municipality began to develop in 2017. , in order to introduce a scientific and in-depth approach to topics considered of interest to the Municipality in terms of its natural and built heritage, and meeting an increasingly informed, demanding and curious tourist. The new route in question will address the city’s architectural singularities and will be signed by Arch. Rui Campos Matos.

At 12:30 pm, the Funchal City Council will award, for the first time, a ‘Distinction for Tourism Merit’, which will be done annually on this commemorative day, as a way of recognizing and valuing people, entities or projects that contribute to the qualification of the destination Funchal. This year’s winners will be announced in due course.

Finally, the day will not end without music and movies. At 7 pm, the municipality prepared a concert with Upright Ntet at the A Cidade do Açúcar Museum, with free admission, limited to the available capacity, while at 9 pm, there will be Open-Air Cinema in the Jardins da Ajuda, in São Martinho, INATEL initiative, with the support of CMF.

Straight translation from Diário Notícias