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Five 100% electric cars will run between the old minibus route and between Largo da Paz and Zona Velha

Going wit a speed limit of up to 50 km / hour, although with a maximum speed of 140 km / hour, there are five 100% electric minibuses that Horários do Funchal immediately introduces into the routes of central Funchal (the same as did the previous minibuses) and between Largo da Paz, at the beginning of the Monumental Road, and Zona Velha, next to the Monte cable car.

They will make the lines ’05’ (Eco Old City) and ’05A’ (Eco City) and in the coming days, from today until 25 September, will circulate for free use of the population, have free wifi, air conditioning , sound system for information on where wheelchair accessible and tourist-crossing points are.

At the presentation session, where Pedro Calado, Vice President of the Regional Government, as well as HF President Alejandro Gonçalves was present, the official stressed that this is the beginning of the company’s fleet renewal, made possible with regional and community funding (through Civitas Destinations program).

They cost 250,000 euros each and are part of a reinforcement of 129 vehicles, which will cost about 33 million euros over the next four years, with which the public transport company plans to renew the fleet to make it more environmentally friendly.

Taken from Diário Noticias