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The debut of Le Dumont D’Urville, a small luxury ship, promises to make a sensation among the marine enthusiast.

Le Dumont D’Urville is a short stopover, arriving at the port at 12:20 pm and scheduled to leave at 6 pm today.

On board, guests can only find luxury in the 88 suites and four luxury cabins, as well as being presented with haute cuisine restaurants. It has capacity for about 260 passengers and 110 crew.

A weeklong trip can cost about 3,000 euros per person and quality is guaranteed at all levels, including a multi-sensory room in the center of the ship that illuminates the sea floor and allows passengers to submerge and enjoy wonders of the ocean.

The ship is 127 meters long and is one of the last jewels of the French company ‘Compagnie du Ponant’.