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The bust of Cristiano Ronaldo, by Emanuel Santos , revealed in March 2017, and meanwhile replaced at Madeira International Airport by another created by a Spanish sculptor , needs no introduction.

Around here, the 4Litro dedicated a video to him , as well as the national comedians Nilton and António Raminhos and even appeared on the program ‘5 for Midnight’ . At the international level, the bizarre sculpture caught the eye of James Corden , host of the British media show ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’, from the Brazilians of the Back Door , and even reached the US, inspiring the humor of the celebrated ‘Saturday’ show. Night Live ‘ , as well as countless parodies devoted to it all over the Internet .

Two years later, the controversial bust will make us talk again. The English-language Indian newspaper ‘Economic Times’ has produced a ‘top 5’ of the world’s most famous busts in which Madeira is represented by the unmistakable sculpture.

The CR7 bust ranks second on the list, just behind a quirky wooden statue in Slovenia that bears great resemblance to US President Donald Trump.

The list also includes a terracotta statue of British tennis player Andy Murray, the bust of Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah and a statue dedicated to Nirvana guitarist Kurt Cobain in Washington.