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The regional secretary of Tourism and Culture presented today a new brochure that aims to promote the activities and events that take place on the Madeira trails. Paula Cabaço highlighted a set of unique experiences associated with both the sea and the mountain and said that through this positioning, Madeira is enhancing nature and valuing the destination. A destination for the whole year, as stressed the Madeiran ruler.

To communicate and promote the niche market associated with nature tourism, the Madeira Promotion Association created the Madeira Ocean Trails brand, which was presented yesterday at the Frederico de Freitas Museum. The Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture said she hoped the brand would promote a range of mountaineering and climbing activities and realise that the Region could host major events. “We want to attract big events,” said the regional secretary. The brochure is not an isolated act. It is the first promotional material that is being produced under a broader strategy, which will involve, for example, the creation of a specific website to promote that market. A video will also be created, according to Paula Cabaço.

From Jornal Madeira