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More than 257,000 voters are called today to vote in the legislative elections in Madeira, from which will come a new composition of the Legislative Assembly and the new Regional Government.

According to data published on the website of the General Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a total of 257,758 voters were registered, of which 252,606 on the island of Madeira and 5,152 on the island of Porto Santo.

For 2015, when the last regional meetings were held in the Madeira archipelago, 526 more voters were registered.

Polling stations will be open between 08:00 and 19:00.

In these elections, 16 parties and a coalition run for the 47 seats in the regional parliament.

PDR, ARRIV, PNR, BE, PS, PAN, Alliance, Earth Party-MPT, PCTP / MRPP, PPD / PSD, Liberal Initiative, PTP, PURP, CDS-PP, CDU (PCP / PEV), JPP and RIR are the 17 validated nominations for these elections, with a single circle.

In the regional elections of 29 March 2015, when there was a record abstention of 50.42%, the Social Democrats held the absolute majority – with whom they always ruled Madeira – by one deputy, with 24 of 47 parliamentarians (44 , 36% of the votes).

In 2015, the second political force was the CDS-PP, with 13.71% and seven mandates, followed by the Change coalition, which joined PS, PTP, PAN and MTP, with 11.43% and six mandates.

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