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The parishioners of Monte express outrage at the attitude of the priest of the Church.

The situation, and especially when he decided to go on holiday, is turning parishioners against the parish priest and his community even questioning the humanity of such an act. According to reports from JM and others circulating on the Internet, the parish priest, Vitor de Sousa, went on vacation and left the dogs on the street. So that it was not possible to put the animals back where they had been five years ago, the head of the parish building changed all the door locks.

The attitude of the priest is creating a wave of revolt among the locals. According to a resident who reported this report to JM, the animals are being fed by some folk right outside the door of the Monte Church. Others are willing to file a complaint with PSP because they say the animals have been in the parish for five years and could not have been treated.

This %#&%@ needs action taken against him, and stripped from his job…