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Following the news presented by the Jornal Madeira, the Parish of Nossa Senhora do Monte clarified in a statement that both the parish and Father Vitor Sousa “are not, and never were, owners of any animals.”

In the same note, they confirm that they know that “several dogs have been abandoned” in the parish of Monte, but guarantees that “the parish of Nossa Senhora do Monte and his parish priest Vitor Sousa are completely unaware of this fact”.

“Who abandoned the animals? their owner easily identifiable by their registration,” he adds, noting that “since January 2019 they have alerted the owner and the competent authorities (CMF, PSP and GNR) to the fact that the owner, properly identified, have abandoned their dogs ”.

“The Parish of Our Lady of Monte and Father Vitor Sousa believe that public and private officials, will find the abandoned animals a dignified life, in keeping with the values ​​of an evolved society and, where appropriate. In addition, to make the owner responsible for the abandonment of his animals ”

This seems to be all lies, he residents of Monte were the first to complain and they must know if the Priest had taken the dogs in and was looking after them as his own?????


“The ANIMAD Association would also like to know why the PAN Party does not speak out against this inhuman act of this priest,” ANIMAD tells JM, given the lack of reaction from the PAN Party (People-Animals-Nature) to the abandonment of dogs by the parish priest of Monte, Vitor de Sousa, who left the dogs on the street while on vacation.

“They will be concerned about the loss of voters in the Catholic class next Sunday if they do, is that it ?!

Very interesting to see the true interests of these individuals! Animals are not for sure! “Adds the Association.


ANIMAD sent a note to D. Nuno Brás requesting the intervention of the Bishop of Funchal in the case of the abandonment of dogs by the parish priest of Monte, Vitor de Sousa.

Here is the full transcript of the note sent by ANIMAD:

“The ANIMAD Association has been following the situation of the dogs of Monte and has already made its position and opinion available to the SEPNA, in addition to the complaint to the SEPNA.

As an association that works hard on the ground in raising awareness and changing mindsets, it is disgusting to see this whole situation.

It should be the priests, the parishes who are the great drivers of the change in mentality regarding the abandonment of animals and mistreatment.

It is unfortunate that such a situation is happening in the middle of the 21st century on this island, even more so, coming from an entity which should set an example at first.

We all followed Father Giselo’s case and the way he had to leave his parish unfairly.

We have true information that even far away Father Giselo had always cared about dogs and there was someone there who fed them.

It is inadmissible for a parish priest to say that he has no moral responsibility towards animals. With this kind of attitude, no moral should have to their believers.

Sensitivity and love for animals should be part of the Human. If there is no such responsibility to a living person suffering from Father Vitor Sousa, then the sensitivity towards the Human must unfortunately be identical.

The ANIMAD Association requests the intervention of Hon. Bishop D. Nuno Brás in this situation in order to return the dogs to the parish space and not to a kennel.

It would be a sensible attitude on an island fighting against mistreatment, abandonment and lack of space for stray animals.

ANIMAD is responsible to the Episcopal Palace for the feeding and care of animals.

We will await this noble attitude of the Church of Madeira “, reads the note signed by ANIMAD President Natália Vieira.

Im sure we will here more about this story over the next few days, but he if he has done what all are saying, then he Vitor de Sousa, should be put to the streets himself, and return the dogs to the church….