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The commander of the São Vicente and Porto Moniz Volunteer Firefighters and theater operational director, Artur Fernandes, explained to JM that this is a “laborious fire that started yesterday at 10:30 pm and is still active on two fronts.”

“In the face of the strong wind, the flames spread. The lack of access to make a direct attack on the fire means that we have not controlled the fire,” he said. “We are making direct attacks in some areas, in others we are doing aftermath and we will be vigilant in other places. We are conducting attack, patrolling and surveillance for the full accomplishment of our mission,” he said, reiterating that there are currently two active fronts. .

The commander highlighted the work in the field of São Vicente and Porto Moniz firefighters and the “important and essential support” of the Madeiran Volunteer Firefighters “in fighting the flames. He also referred to the work done by the local authority” in the logistical support to the work of all. those on the ground “, as well as the operational work of flame-fighting by the GNR GIPS and the Forest Police”, as well as the POCIF’s “Indispensable Helit Transport and Helicopter Team” role.

Thanks to Wauzih for this map of the actual  fire area near Porto Moniz, made from data from EFFIS/ CEMS.