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Renewable energy sources already supply about 30 per cent of regional electricity consumption and the idea is to move to 50 per cent by 2021 by a reduction of about 92,000 tonnes of fuel oil per year.

Figures released this morning by the Vice-President of the Regional Government, at the Casa da Luz Museum, at the presentation ceremony of the Insulae project of the Madeira Electricity Company, which represents an investment of 45 million euros and was supported by PO SEUR . 

Pedro Calado explained that together with the new wind power made possible by the energy storage capacity, the Hydroelectric Power Plant will contribute to the increase of the renewable sources in the electric energy production and will ensure, by 2020, the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. at 416 thousand tons. The governor spoke of the project underway in Porto Santo in the field of mobility, which already involved the installation of an intelligent distribution network and the renovation and automation of 27 transformer stations, as well as the installation of two new transformers with technology suitable for decentralised renewable energy production. He pointed to the kick-off for the renewal of the Funchal Timetable fleet and noted that the ongoing projects demonstrate “that we are on the right track”. In the Insulae project, EEM and ACIF cooperate.