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About seven tons of garbage from the seas of Madeira were collected in cleaning actions carried out last year.

Number revealed by the President of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, at the inauguration of the new sculpture “Plastic Mero” of Bordalo II, made from plastic materials, which is now visible in Praça do Mar.

At the time, the President of the Regional Government praised everyone’s role in raising awareness and preventing maritime pollution, a heritage that must be preserved with future generations in mind.

He assured that the Regional Government is determined to preserve marine protected areas, and to continue working to sensitise and defend the essential resources of the Region. He assured that the pollution prevention policy will continue to be implemented, noting that the investment made by the Executive in the basic sanitation and prevention infrastructures has, in four years, increased the region from 24 to 40 areas of excellent quality water. in environmental terms.

‘Plastic Mero’, by Bordalo II, one of the most popular Portuguese visual artists of the moment for its great international projection, can now be seen by anyone passing by Praça do Mar, in Funchal.

Representing the Mero ( brown grouper), one of the most emblematic species of the protected areas of the Region, the sculpture, made in plastic, aims to raise awareness of the reuse of materials, as well as the reduction of the use of plastics. Tires, helmets, car license plates are some of the objects reused in sculpture.

It is recalled that since last June another work by Bordalo II can be seen in Câmara de Lobos. It is a mural with a Monk Seal made from plastic, iron, among others.  From JM