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The fires in Porto Moniz do not seem to give in, and there are still two active fronts, so the firefighters in the area are still working hard.

The flames prompted the suspension of the PS campaign, a fact confirmed to JM by party president Emanuel Câmara, who added that circumstances point to the possibility of arson, a fact that authorities are already investigating on the ground.

On the ground are, besides the São Vicente and Porto Moniz Firefighters, the Madeiran Volunteer Firefighters, the Forest Police and the PSP.

The municipality has already opened new access to the area of operations.

The firefighting helicopter left the field and moved to another location, possibly returning in the late afternoon.

The commander of the São Vicente and Porto Moniz Volunteer Firefighters, Artur Fernandes, explained to JM that this is a “laborious fire, which broke out yesterday at 10:30 pm.”

“In the face of the strong wind, the flames spread. The lack of access to make a direct attack on the fire means that we have not controlled the fire,” he said.

“We are making direct attacks in some areas, in others we are making aftermath and we will be vigilant in other places. We are conducting attack, patrolling and surveillance, for the full accomplishment of our mission,” he said, reiterating that there are currently two active fronts. .