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Launched this afternoon, at Blandy’s Wine Lodge, a ‘Madeira’ premium wine alluding to the ‘600 years’ of the archipelago’s discovery. It is a blend of eleven singular wines from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, traditionally aged and from five typical white grape varieties of Madeira, namely Sercial, Verdelho, Terrantez, Boal and Malvasia. Each bottle costs around 4,500 euros and only 600 will be released to the market.

“What is intended with this edition? Make a remarkable wine to celebrate the ‘600 years’, which has to have a very high dignity. To have this dignity you have to create memory and to create memory you have to be very good. The wine is designed to bring together the qualities of all varieties, from the great freshness of Sercial to the richness of a Boal and Malvasia, and the ‘spice’ of a Terrantez. We want to mark the ‘600 years’ with a memory-making wine and so we made a very special ‘pack’ made up of 600 1.5 liter crystal-made bottles, almost 50 years old, almost 100, signed and personalised, that is, no two bottles are the same, ”explained the award-winning winemaker of the Madeira Wine Company, Francisco Albuquerque.

The expert who bears his name for this ‘Winemaker Selection’ has assumed that he has ‘very difficult to characterize’ this wine, but still advances that it must be ‘tasted, and appreciated’.

“There are 600 bottles in such a big world. This is a premium product, especially for wine lovers and wine lovers who want a unique piece. The whole package is luxury. I could have made a 600-year-old wine based on one wine, one year, one grape variety, but I think that’s much more interesting. I wanted to make this wine extremely appetizing. It is unique and there will be no other. We’re talking about a blend whose oldest wine is from 1863 and the newest from 2004, ”added Francisco Albuquerque this afternoon at the presentation of the new Madeira Wines at Blandy’s Wine Lodge, where in addition to this special edition three new ‘Frasqueiras’ and three new ‘Colheitas’ became known.

If any readers feel like buying me a bottle, I can forward my address… 🙂🙂🙂

From Diario Noticias