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Tourist groups had fun this afternoon at the Wine Festival, treading grapes in a wine press in the Madeira Wine Company wineries.

In addition to this moment, animated by a folk group, tourists (mostly foreigners) visited a small regional handicraft show.

A wicker craftswoman and an embroiderer have shown live part of the process of two Madeiran ancestral traditions – wicker and embroidery – whose future depends greatly on the existence of skilled and dedicated craftsmen.

Visitors also had the opportunity to taste Madeira wine sold by the Madeira Wine Company and exported to the four corners of the world.

This initiative is part of the Blandy’s Wine Festival 2019 program, which on Thursday, at 4:30 pm, launches new Madeira wines, live online, on the facebook / madeirawinecompany page. At 7.30 pm, a matching dinner is held between Madeira Wine and gastronomy.

Taken from JM