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‘3D FUN ART’ opens to the public Today Saturday, October 26, in Funchal and brings the concept ‘museum fun’ to the Madeiran market.

“This is a space with a different museum concept than usual, since it combines art and fun in a relaxed way, so that visitors can enjoy good times and create good memories,” says a statement released by the space, highlighting the 40 different scenarios, between 3D images and optical illusions available, widening the world of fantasy and imagination.

In 3D FUN ART, visitors can “embody Van Gogh’s doctor, venture out on safari or have a dinosaur as a pet, as well as see his world completely upside down and his head served at a dining table , or gain wings and fly in the cosmos, drink a wine served by God in Miguel Ângelo’s Creation of Adam and dance a Madeira ballet on the way out, ”says the same note, highlighting the combination of the science of visual perception with magic. of illusion, making everything seem possible.

Photographs are allowed and even encouraged in a space for all ages.

3D FUN ART opens its doors at 24 Rua do Surdo – Funchal and will be open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm.