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Six flights to Madeira diverted this morning due to adverse weather conditions, particularly wind in the Santa Cruz and Machico areas.

The first to differ was Tap’s flight from Porto (7:55), followed by EasyJet’s, which had the same origin (8:20). A flight from Tui, which had departed from Hannover, but which also eventually diverted, was due to arrive.

This morning also two flights arriving from Lisbon, one from Easyjet (9:05) and one from Tap (9:15). Finally, another Tui plane, this time from Munich (9:20 am), we’re forced to divert.

As it was possible to ascertain, there are flights that returned to the origin, namely Porto and others that went to Gran Canaria.

73 km / h was the maximum gust recorded in the last hour, and between 8 AM and 9 AM the wind was blowing at an average of 43.9 km / h. In addition, the wind blows in a northerly direction, ie misaligned with the runway at Madeira International Airport, Cristiano Ronaldo.

So nothing has landed at the airport today, and flights are still in holding position trying to land.

The situation at the moment.