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An ambulance was forced to stop this morning when it was in an emergency on Rua do Lazareto, in Funchal. It came to a standstill for a while, all because a driver felt that he did not have to make it easy for the emergency vehicle to pass.

As the road is narrow, the car would necessarily have to retreat. However, the driver of the red light vehicle was unmoved and stopped in front of the ambulance, despite the urgent warning lights and beeps. Despite the vehicle priority (in emergency mode), the individual driving the car did not facilitate the passage.

Also, the ambulance always has priority in this case. The scene even resulted in a lively exchange of words between prehospital relief professionals and the driver of the passenger car. Who suffered was the person on board the ambulance, and all due to the incurability of a motorist.

Shame on this sad individual…..

Taken from JM