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Tripadvisor recently unveiled the list of the 10 best fine dining restaurants in Portugal and in first place comes a restaurant space in Funchal.

The list, which is part of the Travellers’ Choice Restaurants Awards 2019, was created based on the reviews and opinions of travellers from around the world.

According to these opinions the best is Cris’s restaurant in Funchal. Among the first 10 is also included the restaurant Goya, also in Funchal, which appears in the 8th position.


List of the 10 Best Restaurants in Portugal 

1: Cris’s – Funchal

2: The Paparico – Porto

3: Oxala – Ovar

4: DOC / Chef Rui Paula – Armamar

5: Aunt Alice – Fatima

6: Old House – Leiria

7: Belcanto – Lisbon

8: Goya – Funchal

9: Flow – Porto

10: Mini Bar Theater – Lisbon