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Madeira will be the central theme of one of the episodes of the program ‘Globo Repórter’, from the Brazilian channel Globo Now, which is available in Portugal by subscription from all operators (MEO, NOS, NOWO and Vodafone TV).

The charms of the island and the reasons why it is considered one of the most coveted destinations in Portugal, will be broadcast on November 8, at 20h10, in a report by Dulcinéia Novaes that toured the archipelago of Madeira, full of natural riches. The program’s itinerary includes “trails with breathtaking views, natural pools and even a magical sandy beach with the power to relieve pain and recover some body joints, according to testimonials from some inhabitants,” the television channel said in a statement.

During the visit, the reporter got to know Madeira wine from the region, which is considered one of the best in the world and that has health benefits, being side by side with world-class drinks, such as Port, Bordeaux, Burgundy and champagne.

In addition to the trails, natural pools and unique cuisine, the ‘Globo Repórter’ team will also visit the volcanic regions of the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo, meet the satisfaction of locals and meet tourists from other countries who have visited the region. and who fell in love.

Globo Now subscribers can watch the episode of the ‘Globo Reporter’ dedicated to Madeira on November 8 at 8:10 pm. The news show airs weekly on the channel on Fridays.