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Sussex police today launched a new public appeal to find one more suspect of an attack on a young Madeiran man last week in Eastbourne, southern England.

The photograph of a green hoodie and jeans was released today, a day after four Portuguese were accused of a violent attack on a fellow countryman.

Rui Pereira, 28, Max Pereira, 23, Bruno Tavares, 22, and Carlos Semedo, 24, were present Wednesday at the Hastings Magistrates Court, where a hearing was scheduled for 11 November. November to plead not guilty or guilty, a police source told Lusa.

The victim of the attack, Carlos Faria, 25, is still hospitalized at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton, in a “serious” condition due to head injuries.

The attack took place on October 8 around 5:30 pm on the street in broad daylight, prompting police to make several public calls for information from potential witnesses.

Photo from the Eastbourne Herald