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At noon on Thursday, at Praça Amarela, the Francesinhas à Moda do Porto are being served, directly from the undefeated city.

In a statement, the organization recalls that the 1st edition of the Funchal Festival in 2018 “was a success, which led promoters to bring once again the best that is being done in Porto to Madeira”.

After traveling to New York, Brussels, Macau, London, Lisbon, Oeiras, Algarve and many other cities, Francisco Freixinho, the Porto promoter who has been organizing gastronomic festivals for over 20 years, says that the way they are received in Funchal is incomparable. with the remaining places, adds the same source.

“Friendly people, ready to help, always aiming to make us feel good in their land,” he says.

Asked about the expectations and dates of the festival, he says he thinks he will surpass last year, in terms of quality and sales, and that it was decided to make this date, due to the “biggest appetite for a Francesinha in a colder time than year”

The festival kicks off this Thursday, the 31st, and lasts until the 10th of November.