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This is an interesting blog post that I found from Silvio Silva 
The Royal Way of Madeira Association organised a visit to Furnas do Cavalum! 
These furnas have great tourist potential that inexplicably continues to be ignored by municipal / regional authorities!
If these furnas were in another part of the globe they would surely be used as a tourist attraction.


Furnas do Cavalum is a set of four caves, resulting from lava channels, existing in the parish of Machico, Madeira Island. They represent an important geological structure where a diverse cave fauna inhabits, even existing unique endemic species.
The name Cavalum, attributed to these caves, comes from the legend associated with them, according to which there was a horse-shaped devil with bat wings and a fire in his nostrils called Cavalum.
About ACRM
The Madeira Royal Way Association, formally constituted on February 17, 2017, aims to defend, enhance and promote the centuries-old routes that aggregate Madeira’s historical, ethnographic, cultural, architectural and natural heritage in urban, rural and urban contexts. through cultural, educational, scientific, sporting, recreational, social or other related activities.