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The new rules for the identification of pets come into force today.

Decree-Law 82/2019 establishes the rules for the identification of pet animals, creating the Pet Information System (SIAC). Identification is required for dogs, cats and ferrets.

“Preventing animal abandonment by promoting responsible detention includes, among other obligations, the identification and registration of pet animals,” reads the document, quoted by Noticias a Minuto, adding that “the marking system with An electronic device called a transponder and registration in the computer system allow the animal to be connected to its holder or, where applicable, to its holder and place of detention, enabling the holder of the animal to be held responsible for compliance with legal, health and welfare parameters”.

This establishes the Companion Animal Information System. This will integrate the identification of companion animals in the two previous systems of Canine and Feline Identification System (SICAFE) and Animal Identification and Recovery System (SIRA).

“Procedures for the simplification of the identification and registration regime for pet animals are established, as well as more agile procedures for the registration of transfers of ownership”, and it is foreseen that “all registrations and mandatory health interventions will be registered in the new system”. and also that other pet species may be registered voluntarily in the new system “.

According to the same publication, these amendments also respond to a need for information sharing, with attention to the “managing entities of the national animal pedigree records, considering that under Law No. 95/2017, of 23 August, purebred pet animals are pending recognition by the management body of their pedigree record “.

“The obligation of identification by marking and registration covers animals born in or present in the national territory for a period of 120 days or more”, and if it is not possible to determine the exact date of birth, “the identification must be made until loss. of the incisors of milk. ”

In this new system, continues the Decree Law, the veterinarian who “has marked a pet also becomes responsible for the registration of the animal, thus ensuring the identification of its owner”.

See the full Decree Law here.

Translated from Jornal Madeira.