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Wow that’s a large haul of Lapas (Limpets)….Its great these don’t go to waste, as they would just be chucked away in most other countries.

The Madeira Territorial Command said in a statement that, through the Free Zone Fiscal Post and the Naval Section, on October 5, it seized 231 kilograms of lapas, that will go for auction in Porto Moniz.

“As part of a surveillance and enforcement activity of the fishing activity, the military detected fish that was not subject for personal use. This action resulted in the identification of the vessel’s master, a 54-year-old man and the seizure of the 1159 euros, and a report was prepared for breach, and the infraction is punishable by a fine of up to 3 740 euros “, reads the press release.

“The fish sale scheme foresees that the first sale must be made by auction through the auction system. The basis of this scheme is based above all on the intention to maintain and preserve a price regulating mechanism in this sector by concentrating supply and demand, transparency in pricing and hygienic control of fish, “he adds.

It concludes that “fresh limpets were delivered to the auction in order to be subject to the first sale scheme”.

From Journal Madeira