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The Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) has one more way to reach the population in a timely manner. Warnings @ IPMA is the name of the new application launched by the entity responsible for weather forecasting and warnings in Portugal and is available for smatphones. This application covers the warnings for the various districts of mainland Portugal and for the autonomous regions.

Notices @ IPMA is compatible with Android and IOS systems and can be downloaded for free from GooglePlay and AppStore.

“The availability of this tool has as its main objective the dissemination of information to citizens, considered critical for the safeguarding of people and goods”, assumes IPMA, recalling that its mission is meteorological surveillance and information dissemination, being a “fundamental instrument”. ”The weather warning system as part of the European MeteoAlarm Program.

In addition to launching the new application, IPMA also updated the Android version of the Meteo @ IPMA application that it had previously been running.

Taken from Diário Notícias