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I thought I would share a few photos from Porto Santo, as there is not much news around.

We had a great weekend in Porto Santo, after loosing our holiday to Croatia with Thomas Cook.

I hadn’t been to Porto Santo since 2003 when we went for a day, and only stayed on the beach or the day.

This time we hired a car and got to see the whole island, which can easily be done in a day. The island is very dry and baron in a lot of places, but amazing scenery and lots of little places to explore. The beach all 9km of golden sand is first class and the main reason many people choose this island for a short break or holiday.

The island now is starting to close down, out hotel we stayed in the Pestana Colombos Premium Club Beach Resort actually closed Monday, and does not reopen till May 27th 2020, so its closed for 8 months which I find very sad, as I think this island deserves a much long open season. Some of the hotels do stay open all year round, but many places on the island close for the winter, even bars and restaurants.

For an island with the same climate as Madeira, its sad to see how small the season is over there, I guess April- June and September October, are the best months to visit. July And August the island is at breaking point, with so many taking holidays to the island, it becomes very crowded, and I can imagine bars and restaurants, would be very full, and struggle to cope with the amount of custom. It seems its all for a very short time or nothing….

We went to a few good restaurants and bars on the island, and nearly all restaurants offer a transfer service, so if you don’t have a car, its not a problem, to get to some great places to eat. Eating and drinking out is much more expensive than Madeira, so you would have to budget for this if you do a self catering break. The new Pingo Doce is great, and something I can see the island really needed, but even this struggles with demand in the summer.

It was sad to see that the new roundabout on the island near the pier, has not been finished, and a total mess, this was due to be finished early summer, REPORTED HERE ON THE BLOG , so a great shame that its not finished, and just shows the lack of care the Government have for the island.

I would like to visit the island over the winter months to really see what the winter is like there, and just to explore the small island a bit more.