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The Santa Cruz City Council has decided to permanently close the Santo da Serra market from November 3, due to the lack of rent payments by the fairgrounds. This I believe does not include the side where food fruit veg and plants are sold, this side will continue. 

As explained by the municipality by public notice, “a lease was signed between the municipality of Santa Cruz and the Diocese of Funchal, where the latter allowed the use of space for the” development of street vending activity and its infrastructures, in return. the payment of a monthly rent by the municipality of Santa Cruz “.

“For a few years now, and because the vast majority of traders who are not going to make the monthly payment to which they are obliged, it has become truly untenable to continue with this situation, as it has an economic and financial imbalance in the municipal accounts,” refers to the announcement, justifying the decision.

For their part, the marketers are currently at the Santa Cruz City Council, expressing their indignation and requesting a meeting to negotiate a new payment plan to prevent the fair from closing.

A local source explained to JM that there were “too many meetings, too many payment plan negotiations”, but that the traders still did not make the payments to which they were bound.

Taken from Jornal Madeira