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Savoy Palace features an innovative space with a party that promises to recreate a unique and special Milky Way trip. The opening will be this Friday, October 25, from 19h00, that the Galaxy opens its doors to the city. For 30 euros, guests and the general public can enjoy a cocktail dînatoire with preview of the menu of Executive Chef Carlos Gonçalves and animation by Dj Phill and Miguel Pires Live Band.

This will be a party marked by the animation that lasts until 00h00, open bar with selected brands drinks, unique views and a constellation of flavors, the plateau rises and puts all present on top, right next to the stars, where not even the sky is limit.

Skyfood galaxy. Skybar Skypool: The Space

It is at the top of Savoy Palace and with 360º views that comes the Galaxy, a rooftop divided into three areas: Skyfood Galaxy, Skybar Galaxy and Skypool Galaxy. With its restaurant, bar and swimming pool, it is worth noting the innovative concepts of offer and service and the creativity of design under the same sky of twinkling stars.

On the 16th floor, the Skybar and its lounge open at 10am and offer superb views of Funchal’s harbor, downtown and the entire amphitheatre. Open from 09:00, another space on the 17th floor – Skypool – is accessible to guests only, with a panoramic pool and a more intimate area with cabins that blend with the hotel’s characteristic vegetation: Olive, Areca and Lavandas.

Skyfood, with its unique atmosphere, is open from 19.00 at night for dinner upon reservation. Both the restaurant and the bar will be open to the general public, which is one of the representative ways of opening Savoy Palace to the city.

The architecture of the entire galaxy is second to none and in everything there is care and mastery. The materials used in each nook are rare and of singular quality. From galaxy-shaped lighting to signature furniture and diamond shapes printed on carpets, everything has been thought out in detail by the teams of Nini Andrade Silva and RH + Arquitectos.

The entrance from outside is made at nº 23 of Avenida do Infante. A ceiling illuminated by 1250 points of light leads to the fastest panoramic elevators in the Region.

Modernity and innovation are well present but the name comes from the past. It is in the form of a tribute to the Savoy Classic and the space that existed there with the same name, that the Galaxy recreates memories and transports to the hottest parties on the island.