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There are no reports of fatalities but there were seven people injured following the collapse that occurred this afternoon in Caldeirão Verde, Santana. 6 of them with serious injuries. 

As it turned out, the victims are being assisted on the spot. Two of them are in a very serious condition, one with a head injury and the other with an amputated hand. 

It’s believed most the injured are French tourists.

The Regional Civil Protection Service closed the route Queimadas-Caldeirão Verde.

Another 10 members of the Madeiran Volunteer Firefighters have just arrived in the area of ​​Caldeirão Verde, where this afternoon there was a landslide that caused seven injuries. Watch the video of the arrival of relief.

According to the Regional Civil Protection Service, various types of emergency aid were deployed to address this situation, namely 13 EMIR vehicles and over 50, Santana Voluntary Firefighters, Machico Voluntary Firefighters and GNR Volunteer Firefighters, GNR, PSP and Forest Police