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Tavira Shopping Center has been closed for
years but it looks set to be reborn. With a new city-style hotel, four basement stores and office space, according to what Funchal News has found.

That space gained dimension in the early
days, also had a hotel area called, the
residential “Monte Rosa”, several restaurants, offices and several other shops and had great daily movement. Then it was the degradation and the gradual closure of the spaces. It ended up closing and has been left empty for several years now.

Today, Joao Tavira Street has been recovering and the reopening of the center, with no concrete date yet, will certainly be a
contribution for the area to resume its
movement of the past, the most emblematic of Funchal.

Another issue that is settled between the
parties is the garage that was being used by the Regional Government and which has
access by Avenida Zarco. In fact, there was an end to the existing disagreements regarding this space and there was already an understanding that the owners should
reclaim the garage for use as part of the
restructuring of the entire Tavira shopping

Information from Funchal News.