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The summer of São Martinho arrived earlier, it may be said, with the thermometers reaching 28ºC. The day is gray and should continue like this, although without rain, say forecasts from the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmospher.

Today with indications of periods of overcast skies, especially high clouds, light to moderate quadrant wind. South, sometimes strong blowing, up to 40 km / h in the highlands. For Funchal the forecasts are similar: periods of overcast skies, in particular for high clouds and light wind, below 15 km / h. The maximum temperature remains at 26ºC, the minimum at 21ºC.

Warmest will be Machico, with 28ºC, and was also the warmest yesterday recording 27ºC. Hot day also in Caniçal, Santa Cruz, São Vicente and Porto Moniz, where the thermometers will reach 26ºC. In Porto Santo they reach 25ºC and do not go below 20ºC. In Câmara de Lobos and Santana the maximum today will be 25ºC too. Ponto do Pargo will be 24ºC at the hottest part of the day.

At minimum, the lowest in these locations will be 19ºC in Santana, São Vicente and Ponta do Pargo. Machico will have a minimum of 20ºC. Caniçal and Santa Cruz, as well as Porto Moniz, will have 21ºC. Câmara de Lobos and Lugar de Baixo will record 22ºC.