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This morning, on Arriaga Avenue, near Largo da Restauração, an awareness raising campaign took  “Trash on the floor, NO!” which aims to make people aware of the amount of garbage that is collected every day on the streets of Funchal. House staff collect about 600 kilograms of solid waste daily.

“We intend to decrease this number. It is important to raise awareness not only of the residents, but all those who visit us, of the need to avoid throwing trash to the ground. Making aware of the work that the Council has been doing to make Funchal clean and presentable. . A city that must be environmentally friendly and sustainable, which meets those that are the UN’s sustainable development goals, “says Miguel Silva Gouveia, CMF president who attended the site.

Who is policing the cigarette ends that still get constantly thrown on the floor, where are the fines???? Many restaurants and snack bars with outside seating still don’t have ashtrays on the tables… All these new rules come in and are just ignored…