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The sometimes heavy rain has already fallen heavily this morning on the north coast of Madeira and the far west. The amount of rainfall recorded in seven of the 20 IPMA weather stations in Madeira and Porto Santo has already reached weather warning levels. moderate to high risk weather (orange warning).

Ponta do Pargo (39.9 mm / 1h) and Ponta de São Jorge (37.2mm / 1h) was where it rained most in just one hour. In these places there was even a period of torrential rain, to the point that in just 10 minutes the yellow warning level was reached: Ponta do Pargo (11.4mm), Ponta de São Jorge (10.0mm).

Also very significant has been the rain that fell overnight in Porto Moniz. In the last six hours (until 09:00) already accumulated 52.5mm / 6h (orange warning). For this time interval, it was in Ponta do Pargo (53.3 mm) where it rained most this Sunday. Ponta de São Jorge (44.8 mm / 6h) also repeats in this criterion the orange warning level for precipitation.

Please note that the heaviest of rainfall is yet to arrive!