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Here is another update on the little kitten Gaia who was shot and has needed a lot of help.

An update on Gaia’s journey, here is the latest….. so far, we have (mostly thanks to you) raised 910€ on her GoFundMe campaign….. her wound has almost healed and will probably never gain control of her bladder and must wear diapers… she remains paralyzed and maneuvers with only her front legs…she is currently in the loving home of her new family which includes a dog that lost a leg and requires the same TLC as her….. she plays and has gained weight…. her vet is still interested in the possibility of restoring more of her mobility but right now she needs to be in a more comforting environment and so she was released from the clinic….. more to come, her journey continues, however, not alone!

Gerald James Harmyk

You can help Gaia on the link below.