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Valter Moreno, a fitness coach and former Sporting athlete who killed his former partner in an apartment in the Ajuda area, was sentenced this afternoon in the Funchal Central Criminal Court (Building 2000) to five months in prison for the crime of offense to the memory of a deceased person for having written a bloody inscription on the wall of the victim’s house.

It is recalled that about a year ago, the 23-year prison sentence had been applied for the crimes of qualified homicide, domestic violence and resistance and coercion of PSP agents.

About a year ago, the 45-year-old defendant was convicted of killing Ilídia Macedo at dawn on April 15, 2017 at the victim’s house in the Ajuda area after the two of them had a confrontation the night before in the Old Town of Funchal.

The prosecutor and the investigating judge downplayed the offensive inscription on the wall of the house, but the victim’s family did not give up on holding the accused criminally responsible and filed an appeal. The Lisbon Court of Appeal ruled that Valter Moreno should indeed be liable for the crime of offending the memory of a deceased person, which has now come to pass, adding a further 5 months to his sentence.