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The Mayor of Funchal, Miguel Silva Gouveia, was present this afternoon at the 3rd March of Madeira’s LGBTI Pride, between Largo do Municipio and Jardim Municipal.

Miguel Silva Gouveia pointed out at the occasion that it is “with great pride that Funchal receives for the 3rd time this initiative, and it flies the flags of equality and inclusion. At a time when human rights seem increasingly threatened, we prove here that in Funchal we have not been condescending to hate speech, intolerance and fostering inequality ”.

Under the motto ‘Be proud of who you are’ in this edition of the LGBTI Pride March, the mayor launched the challenge to “let everyone be proud of who they are, and above all be proud of this city which has in its identity a cosmopolitan and inclusive matrix . We want Funchal to be an example of equality of inclusion and humanism, for a city with more tolerance and less inequality. ”

Being the municipality of Funchal the only entity that supports the event, Miguel Silva Gouveia said, finally that “they can always count on the city for causes that combat prejudice and promote equality in every sense of the word.”