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A collapse occurred on the afternoon of Thursday, on the cliff overlooking the Ribeira Brava waterfront, where the refurbishment work of the waterfront between the village and Tabua – Avenida Engº Ribeiro Pereira, under the responsibility of the AFA construction company, is taking place. A moment that was captured by the lens of Diário Notícias photographer Rui Silva.

It was a few minutes after 3:30 pm on Thursday, October 17, when there was a crash on the Ribeira Brava seafront. This was an intervention by the workers on the cliff face during the work on the removal of solid materials which pose a risk of detachment.

It is noteworthy that only after the cliff face has been consolidated are the security conditions for the construction of the structure to take place, a work whose consignment was signed on 6th May between the Ribeira Brava City Council and the construction company, AFA.

It is recalled that the period of execution of this work of 2.8 million euros is of ten months and will allow to reopen the old one-way regional road (Tabua-Ribeira Brava), with a pedestrian corridor and a bike path.