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It took two hours to collect, in just over five kilometers and about twenty-five participants in this debut of the plogging mode in Madeira.

It is a sport / ecological sport, whose concept was born in Sweden and is translated into running or walking and garbage collection, aiming to raise the population’s awareness of seemingly harmless everyday attitudes. harmful to the environment, namely the preservation of marine biodiversity and our long-term survival as a species.

The unprecedented initiative of the Caniço EB1 / PE took place this morning. According to the organization, many of the participants were already asking when it would be next, as they felt that “there was a need to clean and ‘rid’ our oceans and streets of these new invasive species.”

“Regarding the results, unfortunately we were perplexed and outraged … the butts are an infesting reality! The plastic, cans and straws … were significantly present,” says Milton Teixeira, president of the Parish Council of Caniço, which organized the event in partnership with Caniço’s EB1 / PE and Galomar Sports Association.