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Bit of a long complicated story, but it seem the Diario Noticias reports that many local businesses are against the wooden Christmas Market stands on Avenida Arriaga, as they loose out on trade over the Christmas period.

Some of the local businesses have already denied this are saying the Diario Noticias is reporting lies.

Below Translated from Diario Noticias

Despite being oblivious to the document, the Diario was accused during the day of lying in the news that reveals today, and where they give the names of establishments unhappy with the ‘Christmas Market’.

Since journalistic credibility is undermined, Diario not only reaffirms everything he has written, but also shows the excerpt from the letter sent by a lawyer, representing the companies concerned, to both the Funchal City Council and the Regional Government, and where These establishments are cited.

In the Monday edition, the Diario reported that entrepreneurs linked to restaurants and nightlife establishments in Funchal expressed dissatisfaction with the ‘Christmas Market’ because they understand that the ‘stalls’ translate into unfair competition for their business.

In addition, they had a letter to the Regional Government and Funchal City Council requesting an urgent meeting and threatening an injunction in court in order to stop the initiative of the Madeiran executive.

RTP Madeira are reporting that the market stalls will be moved to Praca do Povo on the front of Funchal. But it seems the ‘Christmas Market’ will continue on the central area of Avenida Arriaga where it has always been. The guarantee was given this afternoon by the Funchal Chamber after contacts with suppliers and entrepreneurs. But with a note saying it is the municipality that organises this event and not the government.