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42 years ago, ten minutes from 10 pm on November 19, 1977, the country was in mourning.

131 deaths and 33 injuries were the tragic figures, after the Boeing 727-200 named “Sacadura Cabral” crashed at Santa Catarina airport and caused the greatest tragedy of Portuguese civil aviation in memory.

The accident occurred on a TAP commercial flight between Brussels and Funchal, with a stopover in Lisbon. After two unsuccessful landing attempts, Boeing tried to land for the third time, but the heavy downpours, excessive speed, hydroplaning conditions and the landing gear only touched 323 meters ahead of the normal touch point. dictated a tragic outcome.

Emanuel Torres, one of the survivors of this tragedy came from Lisbon with his mother, who had gone to treat his high blood pressure.

Jornal Madeira sadly explains an episode that marked him for life. “I was unlucky instead of landing on the runway, landing in the sea.” At 17 he lost his mother in the accident, but managed to save a child who was also on the plane. 42 years later, he says he still can’t understand what happened.

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