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According to the Regional Directorate of Statistics, between January and September 2019 over 7274.3 tons of fish were unloaded, which yielded almost 20 million euros.

Tuna was the most unloaded fish and accounted for 75% of the revenue. It was in June that the largest amount of this fish was recorded.

Catches of the black scabbard fish increased from the same period last year, but the first sale value of this swordfish decreased (-6.3%). This year in total about 1681.8 tonnes of this fish were unloaded, which yielded more than five million euros.

Mackerel, chicharro and other unloaded fish did not reach 200kg each.

The average price of fish caught on the first sale for the reference period was € 2.74 (€ 2.64 in the same period of 2018), with the average price for tuna and similar reaching € 2.55 (€ 2.10 in the same period) and for black swordfish € 3.42 (€ 3.78 in the first nine months of the previous year)

From RTP Madeira