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This afternoon, from the top of Morena, in Santa Cruz, five more birds – 3 kestrels and 2 barn owls – were returned to nature, recovered by TFalcon, as part of the SOS Wildlife Network wildlife collection project. Its purpose is to collect injured or debilitated wild animals from across the Region in order to treat them whenever necessary and return them to the wild.

The Network is part of the SOS Sea Wolf Network, the first to be created, and later integrated the SOS Aves Selvagens Network, formed under the LuMIAves project in partnership with Spea, and the Madeira Archipelago Cetacean Breeding Network coordinated by Whale Museum.

Joana Vieira, resident of Água de Pena, found the barn owl close to home unable to fly and with a broken leg. It was up to her, this Thursday, to return the animal, already rehabilitated, to nature, as documented in the video.

Beautiful video, congratulations to all involved…