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Funchal is the winner of the Municipality of the Year Portugal 2019, awarded by UM-Cidades, with the project “Funchal, Destination Accessible”, was announced today at the gala that distinguishes the municipal territories.

Held at the Arouca Monastery, the gala serves to mark projects of municipalities that are distinguished in regional categories, considering the number of inhabitants.

The University of Minho, through its UM-Cities platform, establishes the “Municipalities of the Year Portugal 2019” Competition, which aims to recognise the good practices of Portuguese municipalities.

The award aims to “recognise and reward good practices in projects implemented by municipalities with significant impacts on towns, cities and territory, the economy and society that promote growth, inclusion and / or sustainability, put on the agenda the theme of integrated territorial development, focused on the role and action of municipalities and to give visibility and recognise, in different categories, different realities that include cities, but also low density territories in different regions of the country ”.

Applications consist of the presentation of a municipality initiative project (event, product, service, program, infrastructure, equipment, awareness raising) that has had a significant positive impact on the territory and / or economy and / or which has been completed, is ongoing, or whose periodic edition was held in 2018.

In the Municipality Category Project of the North region, with less than 20 thousand inhabitants, the winner was Melgaço, with the MDOC – Melgaço International Documentary Festival and in the subcategory more than 20 thousand inhabitants, the winner was Vila Nova de Famalicão, with VN Famalicão. Famalicão Visão’25 Festival – Future Community.

Regarding the Porto Metropolitan Area, the project ‘Gondomar, Rota da Filigrana’ (less than 20 thousand inhabitants) was distinguished. In the Center zone were awarded the Fundão Center for the Migration of Fundão (more than 20 thousand inhabitants) and the municipality of Oleiros with the Grief Support Program (less than 20 thousand inhabitants)

In the Lisbon Metropolitan Area won the project ‘The Green and Blue Axes of Sintra’ and in the Alentejo ‘Ponte de Sor Portugal Air Summit’.

Further south, in the Algarve the recognition of UM-Cidades went to ‘Vila do Bispo Knowledge of Local Heritage – Vila do Bispo Municipality’ and in the Autonomous Regions the winner was ‘Funchal, Affordable Destination’.

Gondomar, Paredes and Valongo were distinguished in the Intermunicipal category.

Translated from Diário Notícias