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“The faster the better”. This is how the mayor of Calheta rated the urgency for intervention on the western cliff face overlooking Avenida D. Manuel I. Carlos Teles’s words came shortly after hearing from the regional secretary for equipment and infrastructure that “during this term the Regional Government and the Calheta City Council ”will establish a“ program contract ”for stabilising the rock mass on the yellow sandy beach.

The announcement was made a few days  ago during a visit to the works that are still taking place on the cliff face at the pleasure port and scheduled for ending in December.

Pedro Fino did not want to commit to dates of the start of the contract, in any case guarantees that the Madeiran Executive will financially support the municipality by recognising that it is a high cost contract.

An announcement that Carlos Teles applauded precisely for stressing that “there have long been studies” that signal the danger of the entire rock mass.