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William restaurants (one Michelin star) and Il Gallo d’Oro (two Michelin stars), Madeira-based dining venues, continue to feature in the Michelin Guide 2020.

Chefs Luís Pestana (William) and Benoît Sinthon (Il Gallo d’Oro) thus cement their presence in the prestigious award that serves as a ‘guide’ to haute cuisine in the Iberian Peninsula. It is worth remembering that this feat was unveiled tonight at a ceremony held in Seville, when the restaurants of Portugal and Spain listed in the 2020 guide were announced.

In this gala, the highlight goes to the inclusion of a Portuguese restaurant in the group of two Michelin stars, at the occasion the Boa Nova Tea House, in Leça da Palmeira, space taught by the renowned chef Rui Paula, followed by four new entries Michelin star guide in our country: Mesa de Lemos (Viseu), Epur (Lisbon), Fifty Seconds (Lisbon) and Vistas (Algarve).

For its part, the Michelin guide includes the Portuguese restaurants Henrique Leis (Algarve), Willie’s (Vilamoura) and L’And Vineyards (Montemor-o-Novo).