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Ricardo Ferreira, a 40-year-old hairdresser, was stabbed to death and his body was found inside a hotel unit in Zurich.

A 40-year-old Madeiran citizen was found dead last Friday inside a hotel room in Zurich, Switzerland. Ricardo Ferreira had a number of famous clients including Cristiano Ronaldo.

As JM reports in today’s print edition, circumstances immediately raised suspicions that this was a brutal murder, as after several customers complained about the noise coming from one of the rooms, police were called to the hotel and found the lifeless man’s body.

Following complaints from hotel guests, a housekeeper went to his room, where he found a grotesque scenario of great violence.

According to authorities, the room where the corpse was found was “full of blood” and the victim was reportedly “stabbed to death”. A post from Correio da Manhã adds that the whole room smelled a lot of alcohol and that the Madeiran had been living there for over a week.

Very sad news as Ricardo was know by many on the island and a huge shock for family and friends.